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Flushmount Drillbit

Flushmount Drillbit
Flushmount Drillbit
The FlushMount Drill Bit System incorporates a unique ball bearing stop collar that controls the recess depth of the drill. This bearing system allows the stop collar to stop spinning when it comes in contact with the surface you are drilling so it won't mar the surface! The FlushMount drills a perfect 9/16" hole and pilot hole. Both pilot bit and countersink bit are totally adjustable. The FlushMount is great for countersinking wood veneer caps and PowerHead screws. We recommend making the cover caps with the Custom Color Hole Punch to ensure a perfect fit. Includes two extra pilot bits with every drill.

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FlushMount Drillbit Replacement - Innerbit

FlushMount Drillbit Replacement - Innerbit

$5.00 QTY:


FlushMount Drill Bit (18mm)

FlushMount Drill Bit (18mm)

$20.00 QTY:


FlushMount Drill Bit System (9/16'')

FlushMount Drill Bit System (9/16\'\')

$50.00 QTY:


FlushMount Drill Bit (3/8'')

FlushMount Drill Bit (3/8\'\')

$18.00 QTY: